While the answer to the above question may be just too obvious, there are some things about cheap smokes that you may not know. First of all, the price you now have to pay for premium brands of cigarettes is sky high, and not many people afford such an expensive habit. Studies show that people under 30 and those that have a medium to low income prefer cheap smokes, because the price for the best cigarettes on the market is simply out of their league.

Cheap Smokes Online

Cheap smokes, however, are not necessarily a bad choice. While it is true that generic brands are not as high tech as the latest inventions in the field that are promoted by manufacturers of high grade cigarettes, cheap smokes may not be as bad as it is said. Light and menthol versions of the same brand are less dangerous than regular cigarettes, and cheap smokes that fall in this category have less nicotine than more expensive regular smokes. Also, it all comes down to your habit and how many cigarettes you smoke each day. You can choose cheap smokes over costly brands, if your habit is limited to just several cigarettes each day.

However, if you are concerned about giving up on brand loyalty when it comes to cigarettes, here is a thing that you can do. Cheap smokes are now sold online, and even high grade brands are sold for a much cheaper price. Searching for your favorite brand among the cheap smokes that are sold this way has high chances of being successful, as online vendors want to cover as much as they can, market wise. You may think that these cheap smokes are not actually that cheap, since you will still have to pay for shipping and handling, but you may be off the mark here, since plenty of sellers choose to cover the expenses for shipping from their own pocket, in order to gain more customers. Of course, each seller has the right to have their own policies, so it would be a good idea to shop around for cheap smokes a little more, before you decide for a vendor.